Additional search engine plugins

Other than the search engines provided in DA, are there any others? For instance I notice that there are no Japanese search engines listed. I saw that you could write your own plugins, but the instructions in the help section aren’t particularly clear and don’t include any examples.

For some searches DA is the best I’ve ever used!

There is an example explained in detail in the online help, you may want to check again. Furthermore you could peek inside the application package. In there you’ll find a directory with all the XML plugins that we use and you could copy(!) some out of there and tinker with them as examples.

Can you provide a link to the cited online help? Neither searching in the Help of Devonthink nor searching the web site yielded any results for an explanation/guide how to write and add plugins. If the describtion is there, its extremely well hidden.

(Might it be possible to add a guide to the software’s help file for the next version?)

Many trhank,

If you enter “plugin” as a search term in the DEVONagent Help, you see an entry labeled “Plugin Development: Creating Your Own Plugins”. That’s the one you’re looking for.