Additions to search, smart group, smart rule criteria

Could we please have options for

path - file system
path/location - within DEVONthink e.g database and group system
in Database - true/false
in External Folder - true/false

so we can use them in search, smart groups, smart rules criteria

I have tried using work arounds

Smart rules to tag
in Database
in External Folder

This work pretty well

For querying Path
I was thinking of creating a custom metadata field for path which can be queried, however, I haven’t found a way to get the path to copy into it. I suppose a script might be able to do it.

Isn’t that identical to the conditions Item is (not) indexed?

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Just what is it you’re trying to accomplish?

Thanks to @cgrunenberg I have gotten this to work index does indeed do this.
However, I wouldn’t have associated index with being able to do this.

I was trying to keep tabs the location of files because longterm they are stored on a NAS and sort term I might want them in the databases on my MacBook.