Admonitions support similar to the obsidian plugin possible?

Hi all

I have bee using obsidian in the last year for writing only (Still store all data and non .md in DT…)

there is great support for Admonitions via a plugin

which is based on the MKdocs standard

wondering if there is anyway (css magic?) for DT to show the Admonition or if not if I can add a feature request ;D

here is an example of a nice render in Obsidian



You can use the HTML element <details>: The Details disclosure element - HTML: HyperText Markup Language | MDN. This and the related element summary can of course be styled

I’d wager that MKdocs is by no means “a standard”. It is a static site generator based on Python that relies on the original MD syntax with arbitrary (!) extensions. This is actually anything but a standard. And making a standard extensible by arbitray extensions is potentially killing it.