Adobe question

Does DTP work well with adobe? or there specific problems using adobe instead of apples built in pdf?


Personally, I’ve always immediately removed the Adobe PDF viewer plugin that’s placed in boot volume/Library/Internet Plugins/ as it has never been entirely compatible with Apple’s PDFKit and isn’t necessary to view PDFs under OS X.

But then, I don’t use Adobe’s forms nor the workgroup features in the current Acrobat Pro.

I understand your point, and I have previously with earlier versions had some problems with adobe reader and DTP. However the reason I ask is that i have a need to make comments etc to pdf’s. At present I am using pdfPen but i’m not entirely satisfied with it and was thinking if i should change to adobe. If it has issues with DTP i will not use adobe. DTP is more important to me than using adobe.

So Bill, you stated a personal preference. But once again, does DTP have any particular problems with adobe?

It’s not a very sceintific opinion, or based on a long familiarity with Acrobat, but I haven’t had any trouble with in in my work with DPTO. I don’t use Adobe Reader however.

I first bought a copy of PDFpen, but found that it crashed on big, and sometimes small jobs. When my last bug report went un-fixed because of a paid upgrade, I stopped using it.

Acrobat has quite a few features that simply aren’t available anywhere else: extract images, clean up OCR, etc. Its character recognition isn’t as useful for me as DTPO, but I’m glad I have a copy of Acrobat courtesy my ScanSnap purchase.

HTH, Charles

I have seen crashes inside the Adobe PDF plugin with the Sorter when it tried to create a webarchive that contained a PDF. I’m sure this will happen in DT as well since we use the same code.

Well perhaps I will give adobe a whirl with the demo version.

Thanks for the input!

Actually, I forgot to mention I did experience that DTPO 1.5.4 wouldn’t respect the Acrobat-set crop box, and seemingly sometimes page rotations I had added.

The trouble of batch exporting PDFs -> TIFFs, and then back again, to my mind, was compensated for by smaller file sizes.

I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t tried the above with the new DTPO 2, but will report back soon.

Also, Acrobat 8 doesn’t seem completely at home with Leopard 1.5. ( I’m at 10.5.8 ) Perhaps 9 fixes the stuck watch cursor and some other flakiness, but I don’t have the money to pluck down on an upgrade. But these are minor annoyances, not bugs.

HTH, Charles

Just realized what Adobe charges…so I’ll stick with pdfPen for now :slight_smile: