Adobe Reader for viewing links to PDFs in three-pane view

Hello all,
I recently had to install Adobe Reader (which I generally do not have installed on a regular basis). I have a few bookmarks to PDF files in DTPO, and when I click on that bookmark, it loads up the PDF in an adobe plugin interface, rather than the native DTPO interface.

More details:
PDFs stored in DTPO load up as normal
Opening the bookmark in Safari loads the PDF in the normal Safari PDF viewer.
Only in DTPO’s browser does it seem to rely on the Adobe plugin, which I don’t want. See the screenshot.

Suggestions on how to get Bookmarked PDFs to load in the regular plain jane native PDF viewer in DTPO’s browser?

You are clicking on a Bookmark, not a PDF file. That’s why it’s loading in a browser in DEVONthink. For it to behave otherwise, you’d need to download the PDF and put it into DEVONthink.

@Jim – I think the reader is saying that the browser interface in DEVONthink for a URL that’s a PDF is using Adobe Reader but in Safari it is not.

@scottlougheed – not sure how that can be, but in my experience the only way to get rid of the Adobe Reader in Webkit browers (like DEVONthink) is to uninstall it completely. Completely. It’s sort of an uncontrollable infection :open_mouth:

@korm: Hmm… yes, you may be correct on that.

@scott: I do agree with korm that uninstalling it is the best option but it seems you may have some reason to have it. You could try Preferences > Web > Web Content and uncheck Enable plugins.

Thanks for all the suggestions. Indeed the revised interpretation of my post is the correct one—The DT browser using the Adobe plugin when safari is not, and no obvious way to stop that.

The uninstallation suggestion seems sensible and will be the way I go. The only reason I use Adobe is when Preview is handling a formfillable PDF badly, and this is rare.

Thanks for the help!