Advantages of DEVONthink3

I am using a trial version of DEVONthink3. I don’t understand the difference between this software and Evernote + Finder. What are the benefits of using DEVONthink3?

You may find this recent thread interesting. Although it initially compares DT to Finder there is a little excursion into a discussion about Evernote too and the thread itself will give you some idea about the power of DEVONThink.


Evernote is a toy and DEVONThink a monster.

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For me, a short list would be:

  • No subscription - one-time payment for unlimited amounts of data
  • No data on someone else’s server - all the data’s on my devices
  • Much bigger toolset
  • Reliable developer

Against that - the learning curve is harder - a consequence of more features/fucntions