advice on EXTRACTING info

I’m pretty new to DT (loving it) and I’ve managed to get a ton of info into the database, mostly PDFs. Now I’m wondering how best to utilize and extract the tidbits hidden within.

For example, as I go through and read files on a topic, I’d like to grab a sentence here or there and compile those into on “best of” document. Obviously, I could cut and paste, but I wondering if DT has some trick for this kind of thing.

Any advice? Thanks!

I have an applescript I wrote for Skim which gets the selected text and saves it in a (sequentially-named) file in a folder named after the title of the document in a particular DT database. I’ve assigned this to a keystroke so that I can now select text in skim and automatically have it saved in DT. This way, all clips from the same pdf are in the same folder.

I could modify it so that it also clips text from DT windows if you wanted (it’s really haphazardly written, but it does the job and even gives Growl updates as to what’s going on).

@acl you’ve mentioned the script previously. It’s intriguing. If it’s not proprietary, could you post the latest full version of this in the DT Scripting section?

It’s not proprietary but it is very messy and dirty. I’ll clean it up a bit first and post it.

Perfect. Thank you!