After file renaming tag disappeared

Hi all
Maybe someone recognizes the same phenomenon. Unfortunately, the search function did not reveal any results or may be my glasses cant see it :wink:

I’ll name and tag a file. After that, I realised the file name is wrong, add the name and then all the tags disappear and I have to recapture them.

This has been done since the last update 3.1.5 and is available on iPhone and iPad. Both devices are on the newest iOS versions.

Has anyone discover this as well?

Thx for any ideas

Screen captures or a screencast would be helpful.

@BLUEFROG sorry for the delay here the print screens
File with old name

and then after renaming

Could it be the case that right while you were re-editing the item’s name, sync kicked in and overwrote the tags somehow? Is it reproducible?

Offtopic: Something similar happens when clipping from Safari.

  • First the name field contains the tab‘s title.
  • DTTG then fetches a name and comment from the URL

Problem: If one already started to edit the initial (tab‘s) name then everything will be simply overwritten.

Although I already should know that this happens I almost always forget it (probably because the name field is initially not empty but already contains the tab’s title).

A test like „did the user already modify the initial name“ before overwriting the name would be great.

This is inside of DEVONthink To Go, in the Info panel, or in the Clip to DEVONthink panel?

Clip to DEVONthink

No worries and thanks!

I have confirmed the behavior here.

Added tags then changed the name. While or after I modified the name, the tags vanished.

@eboehnisch: This is a file in the Global Inbox, a database I am not syncing anywhere.

Also, the disappearance may come after a short pause, i.e., leaving the Info popup open.

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@BLUEFROG, please open an issue for this and assign it to 3.1.7. Thank you.

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… and done. :slight_smile: