After importing from Evernote ?

After importing from Evernote to DevonThink Pro Office, I’d like to remove the corresponding link to Evernote’s database.
Not sure how to do so.

I’d like to do so on some notes (or Evernote notebooks) but NOT ALL all since I may need to have some notes both in Evernote and DevonThink.

Because I deleted the corresponding Evernote notes. The Evernote link remains into DevonThink which is:

  • misleading
  • if clicked be mistake, Evernote complains with warning messages saying the notes don’t exist anymore.


Check this out: Evernote URLs

Doesn’t work.
Impossible to remove the Evernote links

Have you deleted your Evernote notes?


Download the latest version, i re uploaded here: Evernote URLs

By the way, please try and provide more information about what is or isn’t happening. Thanks!