After installing new version all Entries from Inbox lost


Hi, I installed the new version 3.6. Up to this time, all entries from all inboxes are lost. These entries was first transported to the inbox folder on my mac and from there to DT. Where can I look for them?


all entries from all inboxes are lost.

Please post a screen capture of what you’re seeing.

In the Inbox were nearly 90 entries, which I had imported up to yesterday. Then I run the software update und now - nothing…

Where were the files? Were they in the inbox root, or in one of the folders currently in the inbox?

do you have other unopened databases?

Yes,I have other unopened databases, but if I open these, all inboxes are empty. The lost entries were pictures, pdf, textfiles and weblinks. I cannot seek them, cause I don’t know the names oder characteristical words, so that I can locate them on the mac. In the wastebox they are not.

I have to ask again: were the files in the root of the global inbox or in one of the groups displayed in the inbox in your picture above?

Had you used DT after dropping the files in the inbox on your Mac and before updating? So had you actually seen the files in the DT inbox?

Additionally: do you have a (TimeMachine) backup from before you updated?

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Aah, ok: I put these file first in the global inbox. Then I opnened DT an the files were transported to DT and shown in it’s inbox-folder. There I worked step by step to tag the files and put it into other folders. But just before the software update had run, there were nealy 90 files rest in the DT inbox. Today, when I openes DT again, the DT inbox was empty.

You are showing indexed groups in the Global Inbox.
Did you move/delete/rename the folder or its contents in the Finder?

No, I did nothing in the finder. All you see on Global inbox is, what DT put to there when I created the Databases I use. Up to the time before the install of the actual update I see on the highest level of global inbox all entries / files, which I put to inbox in finder- If DT is not opened, I copy my files to the inbox-folder in Finder. After staring DT, everything moved to DT Global inbox, all worked very well. The same procedure works also now, but the “old” files in the global inbox were “lost”. But I did’t seen them in the waste, also in the waste of finder.

from which DT Version did you upgrade?

Hi Riverdelta1704,
possibly the simplest solution would be to look into your Time Machine as you had the entries first on your mac and only then imported them to DT. Correct?

Are the files shown in the History global smart group in the Navigate sidebar on the left?

No, I Think, the missing files are not shown in this history. I had the missing file not yet tagged, and the history shows only tagged files.

I upgraded to 3.6.1 - and I think, the previous version might be 3.6.0.
Ich check the upgrade function daily, so that it won’t be possible, that I had skipped one version.