After rebuilding DBase: Checkbox instead preview

after rebuilding my library, because DTPro acting slooooow and DT Pro widgets didnt work nicely, some of my PDF-files had an checkbox instead prewiev in list mode. Like this …


BTW: Rebuilding took forever because library reached 8.6GB in size out of 1.3GB (including 4 backups). After finishing the size was reduced.

thank you for reporting this issue. Version 1.0.1 will fix this.

Nö…äh…No. After update to 101, doing repair&rebuild, I got more of this…additionally some newly had appeared before web-links, which havn’t them before. :cry:

Unfortunately I can’t reproduce this over here - does the parent group of the affected items shows the state before/after rebuilding? And is one of the parent groups or of the items replicated? Finally, where are the PDF documents stored (see Preferences > PDF & PS)?

thanks for your answer :wink:
To shorten this thread I have send you the additional information per email (screen-shots).
To clarify for all others who are interested: after update to 1.01 I have found besides the replaced pdf-mini previews in list mode a check-box in front of an external link that wasnt there before updating to 1.01 (and perfoming a check & repair database to remove the check-box from some of the pdf files).