After searching, how to make shortcut to change font color

Hi, I use red font color to add my own thoughts into formatted notes. Currently I have to move my mouse over the ‘colors’ pallet, and select red, then type in the note i want.

Is there a way to make a shortcut for this?

It’s not possible to add a shortcut to this as it’s not part of the main menu. One workaround might be to copy the desired style and then to paste it (see Format > Font menu)

While we aren’t fans of throwing software at problems, in some cases it makes sense.

You can create a text exapnsion Keyboard Maestro macro, e.g.,…

In the formatted note, type !r and it resolves to a red Word.

Thank you. I was able to get close to your screenshot.

-I could not figure out how to add the action/trigger when DEVONthink 3 is at front. I spent 30 minutes on Keyboard Maestro’s forum, and lots of failed trials.
-I copy and pasted red text (see letter w in screenshot) but the red color did not remain when pasted, nor was there any option I could find to change the color.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:
You can select the text in the macro’s action and change the styling by pressing Control-T to open the macOS font panel. Yoou can choose the font, size, and color there.

Also, the macro group should be set to run in DEVONthink, e.g.,…

Are you a magician? lol

-i was able to fix “when devonthink 3 is at front” thank you
-I was able to open macOS font panel, but as you can see, i tried to change the font color. I must have tried 20 combinations of on/off, font, but the text in the
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simply would not change to red. I wish there was a “donate” tip to you guys for help with ‘trivial’ requests like this. Trivial for you, and anguishing and humbling for me.


Do you have the text in the text field selected when you open the font panel?

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The text “w” is selected when I open the macOS font panel (control-T). I tried to change to red, or black. The selected text does not change.

With the text selected, press Shift-Command-C to open the color picker.

Your assistance was helpful.

The solution for me, maybe just my computer, was (within Keyboard Maestro):
1)have the color picker open
2)insert new action, search for “insert styled text by pasting”, double click this
3)move mouse to color picker, select desired color (red for me), then move mouse to the white box in the action box, type desired text (one letter, w, for me).

The sequence mattered for me.
Thank you for your help, and I hope this tip helps someone in the future.

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Glad to help :slight_smile: