After update: Is anyone else unable to preview files in DTTG

  1. All files (Images/.pages/.pdf) added via URL scheme/workflow app are failing to show up in the right side preview pane of DTTG. The same workflow used to work flawlessly prior to last update.

  2. Same issue with any files directly created in /or saved to DTTG from other apps such as Pages/Numbers.

Here’s a screenshot:

Yes, there is a known issue with the createimage URL command.

On 2, are you using the createdocument URL command?

On 2… No, this is separate from the URL issue.

The files created in DTTG via file browser from any other app fail to show up in preview. See screenshot:

Thankfully, the file does open again in Pages (but crashes the editor sometimes).

Thanks for the report. We will investigate this.