Again trouble finding documents in DTTG

Again and again, the search in DTTG feels less reliable to me than searching in DT3. Sometimes it’s due to syncing issues, but sometimes not. Here an example:

The document below I searched in DTTG via the search term “OpenAudible” – and didn’t find anything. To be sure I double-checked in DT3 – and found it. Now I knew the path and could assert that the document was synced to DTTG, because I could open it - but the search for it still failed.

Quite frustrating. DT3 seems always more like the ground truth than DTTG!

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# Audible Conversion Tools - Resources

## Good conversion tool

* [OpenAudible][openaudibleWebsite] ([source code][openaudibleGit]): open-source cross-platform audible audiobook manager -- This one looks good

More options -- Adapted from [rmcrackan/AudiobookHub/](

## Audible API wrappers

* Python: audible API wrapper ([PyPI]( / [GitHub](
* Node: audible-api ([npm](
* Crystal: omarroth/ ([GitHub](

## DRM Removal

Behind the scenes, most if not all resources below use these for their heavy lifting (although they aren't the easiest to use directly)

* [audible-activator][audibleActivator]: Retrieves your activation data (activation_bytes) from Audible servers
* [FFmpeg][ffmpeg]: A complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. Includes the ability to use your activation data to strip DRM from .aax files

## Other tools

* [inAudible][inaudible]: remove Audible DRM, edit files, and convert files. -- *Only* quite old Installers available.
* [AAX Audio Converter][aaxaudioconverter]: Convert Audible aax files to mp3 and m4a
* [Libation][libation]: audible audiobook manager. Download, decrypt, organize, search, and tag. Open-source. -- Windows only
* [OSAC][osac]: Open Source Audible Converter. Convert audible's proprietary AAX audio files to MP3, AAC/M4B, or FLAC
* [AAXtoMP3][aaxtomp3]: Convert Audible's .aax filetype to MP3, FLAC, M4A, or OPUS



Did you press Return/Enter after entering the search term to perform a full text search?

Yes I did. Then I see the following:

PS: I have just tried it with the correct casing “OpenAudible” - still no results in DTTG.

Thanks, we’ll investigate this.

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When cleaning up the Markdown code, DEVONthink To Go removes the brackets, but without separating the words correctly. So for the search, [OpenAudible][openaudibleWebsite] becomes openaudibleopenaudiblewebsite. We’ll fix this for the next maintenance release. In the meantime, you can search for openaudible* (in this case, as it’s the beginning of the indexed word monster).

Thanks for investigating so quickly. The explanation makes sense. - And I tried the work around with the asterisk: It works! :slight_smile:

When search doesn’t work properly, trust in the tool decreases… So it is good to keep the workaround in mind. And I’m looking forward to the fix.