Aggregate various sites' custom searchbox results

Does DAP search via those “custom” searchboxes at various sites?

  1. I’d like to set up, say, 3 DAP Search Sets:

  2. Then enter mySearchTerm1 into DAP’s own search box, select Search Set above and DAP would essentially conduct the following implied searches:{mySearchTerm1}{mySearchTerm1}{mySearchTerm1}

  3. I get the aggregated search results in DAP.

If this is possible, how does one set various knobs and levers in DAP?

The easiest possibility is to create a new search set, add the domains of the company to the “Sites” tab and to change the mode to “Search” (instead of “Crawl”). However, this doesn’t work if the websites aren’t (completely) indexed by Google/Bing.

Thanks, I was afraid that might be the case: those Sites aren’t fully indexed (sometimes not at all) by Google.

In that case the only possibility is to create your own plugins (requires that the website works without JavaScript).