Alfred Workflow - DEVONthink Portal

I just uploaded v1.0.0 of my Alfred workflow “DEVONthink Portal”.
The workflow already popped up here when it was in alpha stage, but I want to “officially” share it now that I consider it stable. Feel free to let me know if you find any bugs or have any suggestions.

DEVONthink 3 Portal

GitHub Release

Use A dvn [ ] [ . ] [ {query} ]

  • dvn Displays the available databases
  • dvn . Displays global actions
  • dvn {query} Initiates a global search
  • dvn :c Shows internal configuration

Use B ddvn [ {query} ]

  • ddvn {query} Initiates a file filter brute-force search (fast)

Feature Overview (Selection)

  • Global and Database Search
  • Tag Search with Auto Suggest
  • Document Actions
    • move, replicate, duplicate, create annotation file, find similar items, etc.
    • Extra Get the BibTeX reference or CSL formatted citation from a DOI, ISBN or jstore URL. CSL formatted citations can also be generated from an existing BibTeX reference (requires cite µBib).

  • Multiple Document Actions
    • move, replicate, open all, reciprocal linking, etc.
  • Navigate the Folder Structure
  • Import new Documents to Location
  • Customizable Annotation Templates
  • Colored Labels
    • Colored Flags on Labeled Records


The source code under “Releases” contains only images – is that intentional?

And one of the scripts contains a reference to “PDF Expert” – is that program required for the workflow to run?

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For now that’s intentional, yes (Github automatically generates those).

Nono, it’s just if you happen to use PDF Expert and open the workflow with a shortcut (by default: ⌥⇧+Space) while the app is active, you can copy the devonthink-item-link with page reference. An included light version of this:


Looks promising, thanks for sharing! @zeitlings

Nice, I’ll check it out.

This looks super useful … apologies for the clueless question but on Github I only see assets/png’s and the readme so I don’t know what/how to install. Also checked Alfred Workflow gallery and don’t see it. Thanks!

NEVERMIND, found it in releases here: Releases · zeitlings/alfred-devonthink · GitHub



I just updated the workflow. The most important additions are an optional integration with OpenAI for creating literature review summaries from your documents, and a window and tab switcher for active document windows. Consider setting a hotkey for the switcher, and, of course, be aware that using GPT-4 Turbo can become expensive quickly.

GitHub Release

Here is the full change log:


  • Added window and tab switcher: accessible through global option (dvn .w) or via shortcut
    • Merge (filtered) windows and tabs into window with tabs
    • Detach tab and open in new window (modifier: ⌘)
  • Added optional OpenAI integration, i.e. an interface for creating literature review summaries from documents at the record action level.
    • Save as markdown annotation file or custom metadata entry. The custom metadata entry allows for copying the summary from the record action interface.
  • Added global option to list all tags dvn .
  • Added global inline tag retrieval dvn #tagname
  • Added global option to delete workspaces (dvn .)
  • Added global option to synchronize all databases (dvn .)
  • Added modifier to synchronize database (modifier: ⌃)
  • Added option to back out of move, replicate, duplicate record
  • Added placeholders for various fetch operations
  • Added hints that an existing workspace will be updated when trying to save a workspace with an already used name
  • Fixed unhandled case with no open database
  • Fixed excluded databases being included in tag search
  • Fixed attempts to save new workspaces with an empty name not being suppressed
  • Refined overall inline tag handling

I also have a preview, or rather a teaser, of a solution for visualizing linked documents in a network graph that I am currently working on. I’m thinking about shipping a version of it with the workflow in the future. Would you have any use for that?



How is the network graph being generated? Something in an Alfeed workflow?

The graph is generated in a standalone macOS app written in Swift for this purpose. The data it is populated with comes from the workflow, i.e. the record information, which includes the incoming and outgoing references and mentions.


I would be very interested in this additional feature! Thank you for sharing your work!

This is an amazing work :raised_hands:
Thank you for all your efforts

I have a high interest for this visualization of linked documents.
Thank you @zeitlings for all your efforts
Mega job :top: