Alfred Workflow for DT 3.x

The workflow has been updated for DT 3.x.

Features & Usage

  • Type dnt + keywords to search in all opened databases in Alfred.
  • Type dnts + keywords to search in DEVONthink window.
  • Type dnd to choose which datebase to search
    • Press Enter, then type in keywords to search in the chosen database.
    • Press ⌘Command + Enter to list all tags in the database, then choose a tag and press Enter to list all documents which have the tag.
  • Type dnm + tag1, tag2, ... to list all documents which have these tags in all database. Tags inputed must be exact. For example, Tag aBcD can’t be inputed as aBc or abcd
  • Actions for Workspace:
    • Type dnw to list all workspaces, press Enter to load the selected workspace.
    • Type dnwa + WorkspaceName to save current workspace named WorkspaceName.

Thank you very much for this – works a charm!! :+1:t2:

Yes, works beautifully - thanks very much for your work on this. :smiley:

Brilliant - thanks for updating it so quickly for the v3 beta.

Thanks for the quick update. Love it.

But: the list tags command seems to be broken for me.

Anybody else?

As in, the option to view all the files with a specific tag? If so – working just fine this side!

No, I dont get to see the list of tags at all

This part dosnt work for me
Press ⌘Command + Enter to list all tags in the database,

Look at this issue in github repo:

works no as expected. actually, dont know why. Did a complete reinstall of DT3 (and kicked DT2 completely…)

Thanks again for ur help

Hi all — Thrilled to see the updated workflow. When I download the zip from Github, the folder, once unzipped, doesn’t appear to contain an installer that I can click on to open the workflow in Alfred’s preferences. Instead, there’s simply a list of the contents of the workflow (, search.js, info.plist, icon.png, and so on… but no installer.) I’ve seen this happen in downloading a few other workflows in the past and haven’t found a way around it. I feel like I’m missing something obvious here. Any ideas? Thanks!

  1. Open the releases webpage of Github repo:

  2. Click the DEVONthink.Search.alfredworkflow file to download.

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I love the workflow—thank you very much. Is there any chance it will be expanded to include an option to import a file into specified locations in DEVONthink databases?

Importing files only need to drag it into DNT. Why need to use Alfred workflow?

Yeah, I would have said the same thing, but this kind of import was part of another workflow and I found it saved me a lot of time to find, collect, and move files to their destinations without having all the manual labour and clicking and dragging. The whole point of Alfred is to cut through that kind of tedium.

Can you describe the importing function you want ? I’ll try to make it.

Sure—basically I was using brunocbmr’s Devonthink browser workflow:

Although I’ve been able to tweak most devonthink workflows to work with version 3, I don’t understand his workflow well enough to make it work. The “move to devonthink” file action is part I was using regularly.

This is not directly Alfred, but I’m pretty sure they could be ported: I have three KM workflows to do just that. You press a key and you get a selection of groups or databases which you can then select using a “Spotlight” like interface.
Your selected file is then moved to DT3.
I use this ALL THE TIME.

Feel free to use the scripts to do something similar!
Here’s a link to the KM forum post:


Thanks, this is great!

I actually got it working with DT3 and Alfred 4. I just had to change in the applescript file the app id to .think3 and reload the cache.

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Thanks. Its work on Dt3. Its great!