Alias from Devonthink Pro to external file on another disk?

Can I have a alias in Devon to link a file located on an external drive ?
Thanks for your help

Indexing is an option (see e.g. File > Index Files & Folders… or by using Cmd-Alt drag & drop), contrary to importing the files/folders will be only referenced/linked but not copied to the database.

Thanks for your early answer.
May be I miss something but if I use File>Index Files and Folders it creates a file in Devon. I have then the same file twice.
Am I doing something wrong ?

Try to reveal the file in the Finder (see Data menu) - does it show the expected file?

Thanks for your help.
Yes it does show the file outside of Devon.
But the indicated file in Devon is the same size as the file outside of Devon that’s why I think I have the same file twice. I might be wrong.

The item in DEVONthink just references the file, it’s not part of the database. Just like an alias in the Finder is not a copy.

Read the Help > Documentation > In & Out > Importing & Indexing section for information of how this works.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks for your help, should have done the reading in the beginning !

No worries and you’re welcome!