Alias of a Group?


I have a database, wherein each group represents a client. And all information and data regarding this client is stored in the respective group.

However, some clients do their business under several different names. In the Finder I would represent such different names by aliases of the respective client’s folder.

What approach would you suggest to implement such a concept in DTPO?

Thanks in advance for your support!. Kind regards, Friedrich

You could Replicate the contents of a client group into a new group with their other name. THis also has the benefit of not having to maintenance two sets of files. If you changed the information in the first group, the changes would immediately be reflected in the second. For records that do need individual changes, you could duplicate those particular files instead.

I’d modify Jim’s advise slightly in a structure like this:

The client name and its aliases would be groups and there would be a replicated subgroup under each parent that contains the documents themselves. I use this approach, but my parent groups are client projects and the replicated subgroups are documents that are applicable to more than one project.

Great! Thank you very much. This is really a smart approach.

Kind regards, Friedrich