alias to group - chicken or egg?


Searched, found lots of related posts but not what I’d like to solve / achieve.

Recently I’m trying to put together (inter)linking capabilities between various apps. Thinking about Devonthink, Curio, Evernote, Tinderbox, TheBrain and I’m probably forgetting some. (Also looking into tag portability, openmeta, but that’s another subject)

So please bear with me if I’m mixing things up [a bit :wink: ]

I’m confronted with my own in various ways. Meaning that the thinking route is not always the same, thus ending in different results on day A than on day B.

Let me clarify:
Today it seems obvious to ‘save’ an item on location A.
Next week, I want to retrieve this item, but my thinking route starts on location B.
Thinking twice, leads off course to location A, but in the mean time, I’m thinking: shouldn’t it also be in location B?

This is where Devonthink steps in.
I have developed a group structure, mostly analogous to what I would do in a file / directory structure.
I intend to flatten this structure, preferably if possible to a single level structure.

My question is now: Can I create an alias to a group? Preferably with a different group icon, even if it were only just a differing colour (like smart groups e.g.).
Adding an item to the alias, would also make it appear in the origin-group.

This would allow to add any 2nd thought ‘what group was it in?’ as an alias, and more and more my db would present a completer index or TOC if you want.

Or do you have suggestions on how to get around this chicken / egg situation?
Does this sound familiar at all?
How do you solve this issue?

You could replicate the group. Contrary to aliases it’s not possible to change the icon or name though.