All Documents Opening in Full Screen


I would imagine that this is a pretty simple problem, but I haven’t encountered it before and I’m not sure how to fix it. Basically, ever since I upgraded to 3.8.1, whenever I open a document in DT it opens in full screen mode in a new desktop (or whatever that’s called - I have to swipe right or left to get back to DT). How do I stop this? I just want to open my files without them automatically going full screen and switching desktops. On the previous version, I was able to have multiple windows open with the main app in the background.



And how are you “opening files in DEVONthink”?

Double-click and open via right click.

Is the main window in full screen too?

Yes, this only happens when the main window is in full screen.

I am observing the same behaviour…

That’s actually a change of version 3.8.1 so that multiple windows can be used in full screen and not only one.

If that’s the case, I’d love it if you could make it possible to open windows in front of the main app screen (when in full screen). This was a pretty important part of my work flow and it’s sad to see it go.


Same. It would useful if this is an option. Being able to open multiple collection windows fullscreen is useful, but also would be nice to have document/item windows to be non fullscreen / detached within a fullscreen view

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I am using devonthink for 20 days now. the best feature I liked was opening different files like md, pdfs, text and every other files in same window while in full screen and split view taking notes on another app - remnote, which I am using for more than a year. using devonthink, I don’t have to change to different screen for different files. I have only 10 days left on trial, I even applied and have received the student offer from you guys. thank you. I am about to buy the full version. now the feature is no more, that really worries me. I can’t use the inbuilt preview. because the fonts of pdfs become small on split view, with the sidebars visible. pls bring the feature back. meantime, how to revert to the earlier version?

An upcoming release might add a (hidden) preference to reenable this.

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What’s the purpose of hidding options?
People will not find them or even know about them.

And this is a pretty important feature.

All the hidden options are documented. So people can find them.


Well, of course, if they search for hidden preferences in the user guide (also available through the in-app Help) they might just stumble across this:




wow, now that was a quick fix (3.8.2) - thank you!