all entries in Database disappeared!

I had just read a post here about the script for “set title as”, and was excited to try it out. I thought I needed to quit DTPro in order for the script to take effect (true? or is that a throwback to my windows days…?), so I did “opt-Q”. Noticing that it was taking a while, I right-clicked on the DTPro seashell icon in the dock, and told it to force quit.

Upon restarting the software, my database came up absolutely empty! Not a single pdf, rtf, or anything in the whole of the database. Luckily, I had a backup from a few days back (and over the past 2 days, I hadn’t added much info as I had been travelling), but I did lose some work.

Can anyone tell me what happened? This could have been potentially disasterous, and I (and I am sure many others) would like to know how to avoid this ever happening again. For what it’s worth, I have the latest available build of DTPro running on OS X 10.4.4.

Laslty, is there any way to get back my lost work? Any help would greatly be appreciated!

Probably DT was performing some automatic, necessary optimizations of its database on quit and as you’ve used force quit, the database files were incomplete/damaged. (the next release will make such optimizations less often necessary).

But many scripts require that DT Pro is running and that something is selected.

There is tool->recover backup to restore the database to the last backup.