All In with Devonthink - Pulled the Plug on Evernote

Phew, I just finished migrating all my Evernotes to Devonthink (and to Apple Notes, just to try it out) and have deactivated my Evernote account.

I was a fairly early adopter of Evernote, becoming a paid subscriber in January 2009. But development of new capabilities useful to me appeared to have stopped several years ago. Admittedly, reliability did improve and AFAIK I haven’t actually lost any notes since 2012.

But it was the recent drastic increase in subscription price, to go along with no useful new capabilities, especially with respect to the note editor, that was the final straw.

I like Devonthink and am looking forward to using the iOS app when it becomes available.

Welcome aboard. (We like DEVONthink too :smiley: )
Stay tuned as more good stuff is coming!

Such as?

Devonthink To Go 2, which will hopefully be released within a few weeks.


Count me in as well. I am transitioning away from Evernote (at least paid version) after years. Dabbled in the past with DEVONthink but never gave it a full enough evaluation to get past the learning curve. Just upgraded my old version of DEVONagent via the bundle with Pro Office. Reading, learning, and implementing. This is a great group here.
Can’t wait for the iOS upgrades coming…