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This might be answered with an RTFM, but I’ve R’ed the FM and I couldn’t find it. I’ve also tried to search the forum for this, and couldn’t find it there, either. But maybe that’s just 'cause I used the wrong search terms.

Is there a canonical (or non-canonical, I don’t care) list of all keyboard shortcuts and combinations for use in DTPro? I’m also hoping the list will include keyboard modifiers that change dragging behaviors (as in, drag + ctrl-drop=replicant in drop location).

If you can point me to the place in the doc where this is covered, I’ll happily eat my humble pie. Thanks for your help.

See Help > Reference Guide > Views.

Thanks Christian.
Never the less, i would very much appreciate a well designed reference document that contained ALL keyboard shortcuts (for menu as for keyboard-only shortcuts) and that could be printed and placed next to the keyboard on the desk :unamused:
I even made my own for DT Personal some times ago but that’s something “that should be in the box” :wink:

Me too :slight_smile:

Me also too 8)


I agree it should be in the box (and presumed it already was, but simply couldn’t find it), alas. But would you be willing to share your homemade list? It might be out of date, but it might be an interesting start.

In the box? What box?

That’s so last century!

Seriously, I agree a list of shortcuts, suitable-for-laminating, would be neat but not that useful. For one, with macro and launcher products, you can override application shortcuts (recently I followed a shortcut hint from and got all twisted around before I realized I had overriden the system shortcut it was based on); for another, that list would include a lot of shortcuts I would never use or shortcuts I have no trouble remembering. Instead, I copied three shortcut lists from the online documentation (main window, text, views) and put them in a group called DEVONthink Tips where I also keep some of the helpful advice I find in the forums.

Maybe this one could help:
an helper app called “KeyCue”.
OK, a little pricey, but if you need it 8)
Look here for more informations:

No I am not affiliated with the company an dwill receive no fund of them.

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I think a “Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts” command under the Help menu would be a handy quick reference even though the information is available in the reference manual.

We obviously have a common demand here. Wherever that keyboard shortcuts info is hidden I couldn’t find it in the help. Also the web-help format sucks a lot. Why not deliver a proper pdf which I can search decently and mark text and add annotations with my favorite PDF viewer?

5 years after and we still don’t have a menu entry that says “Keyboard Shortscuts” in the help menu.

Don’t you want to do it or are you just to lazy to do it? Very strange behavior by the devs.

EDIT: Just to prove this info is not in the help manual, here’s a screenshot:
[attachment=0]Bildschirmfoto 2012-01-06 um 13.53.47.jpg[/attachment]

DEVONthink has always had a proper PDF manual, it both print and screen versions, for all editions of the app. The screen PDF for DTPO is 535 pages-covers about everything. FInd in on the downloads page of the DEVON site.

@greg: thanks so much for the hint. That is great news and I’m happily learning using the manual now :slight_smile: