Allow server select/deselect for sync on DTTG

I have a feature request for DevonThink To Go. I would like the capability to select (or deselect) which sync servers listed in DTTG which I would like to sync with at any time. Here’s my situation:

I use several locations for syncing my documents:
1. using bonjour for a local store;
2. using WebDAV directory on a local ip (198.162.x.x)
3. using the same WebDAV server as #2, but accessed with an external internet address.

I always manually sync. On the Mac side, the syncs work well to those locations. I simply check which servers are active, and then execute the sync.

However, on my iPad I cannot “deactivate” those servers which I do NOT want to sync. For example, when I’m at home I want to sync with the WebDAV server with my LAN address and NOT with the WAN domain address. When I travel, it’s the opposite: I want to sync with the WAN address and NOT the 192.168.x.x ip address. This doesn’t seem to be possible, though, as the Locations screen always seems to be searching for all the servers listed (the little spinning wheel continues to spin even when a server is not reachable).

I would like to add a feature to DevonThink To Go so I can select which servers to sync with in the same manner that DevonThink Pro handles is on my Mac.

If there is already a way of doing this which I have overlooked, please let me know. Thank you for your attention.

(OSX 10.11.6; DevonThink Pro 2.9.6; iOS 9.3.5; DevonThink To Go 2.0.5)

May I ask what the harm is in the current situation?


I was going to post a similar request. I plan to travel with DTTG data store synced to a raspberry pi with WebDav installed so I can access my data on the plane or hotel. It’s far faster (and available) than connecting through Dropbox or a vpn. However, the sync feature only allows DTTG to sync with a specific database from one sync store at a time. I would need to delete my connection to one sync store and activate a connection to another sync store (e.g. Raspberry pi) while traveling to have access to that same database.

Why not merely set “Schedule” to “Manual” in DTTG settings. Then set up each sync store as you described. Then, in “Edit Locations” click the locations and toggle on/off the databases you want to sync from that location at that time? Isn’t that the same thing? Is it onerous?

Just curious – you are carrying around an iPad/iPhone and the R-pi so you can sync to the R-pi? Why not just carry around your data on the i-device?

I have an iPhone that has only 8 GB. I am unable to store all my relevant DTPro data on it. I have a Pi that I travel with (e.g. long car rides, flights, vacation) that serves as both a media server (music, movies) and WebDav server and backup for photos/videos I take. Though I have a personal VPN, downloading content from WebDav on my NAS over VPN can be slow (esp for large PDF files) and impossible (if internet is not available).

My ultimate goal is to be able to switch syncing (a) with the WebDav from my iPhone is connected to my home network or to my home network via VPN. (b) with the WebDav on my mobile Pi “server” if traveling and connecting to my Pi’s wifi.

I have not experimented with manually toggling on/off syncing individual databases with different WebDav servers - I imagine it would work. Just not very clean.