Allow users to set font colour in Digest and Results text

I do love the idea of the Digest and Results summary features except for one thing: I simply can’t read the low-contrast grey text without eyestrain. Which of course renders them essentially useless for me. I have to resort to opening every promising-looking page in the browser, or sometimes copying and pasting the text temporarily into an editor just so I can scan it.

There’s actually a setting in Preferences for Text Font, but though this lets you font family and size, it won’t let me change the colour to black (or any other colour), it just reverts back to grey. Is this a bug? Or am I just missing something?

PS: FWIW, I’m sure lots of people here have read “How the Web Became Unreadable” … .acx86ewo4, a polemic against the fashion for low-contrast text. I think he’s spot-on but I don’t want to dictate to other people who maybe like low-contrast – I just want to be able to make my own choice!

Any chance?

It’s not a bug. We are considering allowing this in future releases, but no promises.

Thanks for the reply – I’ll keep my fingers crossed

I do think that this would be a most helpful feature to have especially for those of us whose senescence is becoming more apparent especially with regard to our eyesight! This idea has a +1 from me.

Yes, please.