Alternative menu bar icon?


I love the new DEVONthink 3, but one thing I don’t like is that the menu bar icon (“DEVONthink” text) is too big. Is there a way to change it to any alternative smaller icon? If not, I wish the next update will have it.

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DEVONThink3 > Preferences > Sorter > Menu Extra Title : Icon.



Thanks so much!!

The icon seems to have rather more empty space around it than other icons:


I appreciate this might have been done to make an easier drop target when dragging items to it, but it makes the menu bar look ugly, and takes up precious space on smaller screens. Could it be switched to a more standard spacing, maybe as a separate option?

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it makes the menu bar look ugly

I would not call that “ugly”.

Maybe not “ugly” in an absolute sense, but certainly “it could look a bit better”, at least from my perspective :slight_smile:

I’m one of those people who winces every time I see badly-kerned text on signs, for example, so inconsistent spacing must be one of those things that bugs me. I guess I could cmd-drag the icon to the left of the row of icons, but I’d have to do that every time something adds a new icon up there.


Other than every Dropbox update re-adding its icon on the far left of the menu bar, I’m curious what else adds one there often enough that it would be bothersome to reposition DEVONthink’s there. :slight_smile:

I was wondering that too — I guess it depends on how often you install new software :slight_smile:

It’s a shame the tab version can only be positioned at the left or right — it can be a long drag on multi-monitor setups. I’d rather have it at the bottom of my middle screen, especially since I keep the Dock at the side — it looks very odd when you have the Sorter on the same side as the Dock, by the way…


The choice of only three vertical positions is a bit limiting, too — you could drag the Sorter up and down on DT2, which was useful if you just needed to move it out of the way to get at an app control (and much quicker than fiddling around in the preferences).

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I arrange my menu bar icons in order of how frequently they are used. Left is reserved for things I touch many times every day. I wish the DT icon didn’t command more than it’s fair share since it lives between others in my bar.

Are you referring to the DEVONthink word in the menubar?
If so, that is optional and an icon can be set in Preferences > Sorter.