Alternatives to DT

I am wondering if there are any other softwares out there for Mac that would do some of the things DT does such as reading text files and making images of typed documents into searchable pdfs through OCR.

Thanks much!

(1) Reading text files… you have Text Edit.
(2) OCR on scanned documents… Adobe Acrobat?

If they are all the functions you need, then maybe it’s not devonthink you’re after.


Ronald, you’re a brave soul to be asking about rating the competition here on a developer’s board! :blush:

If you do decide that DT is not for you, you can check for different applications at Version Tracker or MacUpdate. :smiling_imp:

You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting 9 tools that appear close.

There’s Evernote but that comes with a hefty annual fee.
There’s Yojimbo but it appears it’s on the slow track for development

There are catch all “diary” apps like MacJournal and Journler but they probably don’t cut muster for heavy research .

In the end there’s something that keeps people coming back to DT and that something is what I want to know about. These tools don’t show their stuff until you’ve got a decent amount of data loaded.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Integration? We see a lot of examples posted by users here in the forums stating the various reasons for using DT, reasons that seem to converge on the way a variety of different modules come together. In my case, it’s scanning (like Paperless), OCR, filing, sorting (like Leap), keeping things together (like, dare I say it?, Together), the ability to have things under one roof, and so on.

I’d like to hear how others answer your question.

Thanks for your replies. I did not mean to offend anyone. If I am using a software like DT (which I am by the way getting to like it), I’d like to know what, if any, alternatives I have besides this application. If there isn’t anything close to DT, then the more power to DT.


I think the DEVON Tech guys/gals are pretty confident in their product. There’s few apps that combine everything into such a powerful app at the high end (Pro Office).

I don’t think their worried by competitor product that is tantamount to a electronic diary in many cases.

I’m going to start pumping in legal data in the hopes of creating a great repository to assist my mother’s Legal Firm. I don’t know if I could trust anything but DEVONThink for this type of data aggregation. Keep in mind i’ve never used their product before but i’ve known about it for years.

Journaler, Yojimbo, Together, and all of the rest are good solid apps that are for the most part organizational- that is their strength. And you can search those databases with simple searches.

I haven’t read up on any of the newest versions of these, but to my knowledge none have built in OCR, I’m not sure any have sheets, and there is nothing similar to DT’s AI for auto-sorting and recommendations of similar “see also” stuff. DT’s Find dialogue is very powerful compared to the rest.

I don’t think there is anything comparable to DT Pro. I would compare most competitors to DevonNote.

If one is looking simply for PDF management (like for journals) then DT is too much power as well— just use Sente or Papers or Bookends.

I think that there are fair number of us DTP users who have been or still are Together users, at least from what I’ve seen in previous posts.

I have found that I don’t need Together any more since I’m using DTPO for several things (it’s always open) and I’ve just begun using it as my Together clone, which it does quite nicely.

Not having used any of the above-mentioned three, I can’t comment. However, I did use Yep and Leap and they have gone the way of Together since DTPO encompasses their functions and then some.

What I’ve found in DTPO is that the more I use it and the more I explore, the more I find I’m able to reduce the number of oft-used applications. At the moment, though, I’m still stuck with Safari, Mail, Bean, Cyndicate and License Keeper - all whose functions could potentially be migrated to DTPO. That would leave MAMP, Sapiens, and JungleDisk as always-open apps.