Alternatives to Mailplane

To those of you who used Mailplane prior to 2021 when they essentially took it off the market, what alternative apps have you replaced it with and which seems to work best with DT, if any?

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MAILMATE. Great support, works perfectly with my 18 email addresses, one of which is gmail.

Plays perfectly with All DT products. I have never had any issues.

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I used Mailplane a loooong time ago, but stopped using Gmail. Apple Mail had certain advantages while the DEVONthink plugin was working, but it seems those days are gone. I’ve recently started using MailMate again, after having used it previously for some years. It is expensive, but is beloved by various geeks, no doubt because of the amount of tinkering you can do with it (see Search - If you like smart folders, it has endless possibilities. And it also has bundles, which allow it to integrate (to some degree) with various other programs.


Thanks for your helpful input, mbbntu.