Always search whole database

How is it possible that I always search the whole database?

So far when I’m in a subgroup it only searches in this subgroup and it keeps the subgroup active until I click on the main database folder. So when I search for something, I first have to click the root database folder then starting searching.

Thanks for any hint!

By default the last used search scope should be used again. But you can also specify this in the toolbar search field, e.g. by appending scope:nameofmydatabase to the search.

Oh ok, is there some setting that allows this as a default?
Typing scope:nameofmydatabase is even more work every time I search. I wonder why nobody finding the search very complicated. When I want to search, I always want to search the whole thing - because I don’t know where the documents are located and I many sub groups. Maybe a good feature to implement - if not already build in.

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There’s no such setting yet.

Ok, weird. So this will be my first feature request. :slight_smile:

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