Am I doing it wrong

Hi - I have this clunky workflow, and Im wondering if there is a simpler way that I’m missing…

As an example, I was reading a work document, and wanted to clip some text to a folder where Im keeping some writing ideas. So my process is:

HIghlight the relevant text >> right click > services > new DTP note . The next bit is the clunky bit. The new note saves to the global inbox, which i then move to the DB i want the note in. This moves it to the inbox of the database where I have to go again to move it to the group where I actually want it. Maybe its the way I’m using the app, but it seems like it should be possible to do this in fewer steps…?

As an aside, I end up doing the same dance when saving something (say a word document) to the DTP Inbox in finder.

You could enable the group selector (see Preferences > Import) and use also the services shortcut, this should speed this up a lot.

Thanks for the suggestion! will give that a try