Am I doing something wrong?

I have observed a weird function that I want to share. Here is the scenario:
I have a pdf and start typing an annotation in the Reminders/Annotations tab of the inspector. I don’t use any template. As I type a word gets recognized and creates a link to something (usually another pdf) completely irrelevant to the first one I am annotating.
In photo 1 you see the preview pane the content of such a created “annotation”. The article the annotation refers to can be seen at the right Botton (incoming links, “Aortic valve Vavluloplasty…”. The annotation has created a link for the word “radial” as you can see in the preview. If I click it another pdf opens that is completely irrelevant (photo 2). Even if delete the word radial or if I type it elsewhere it will automatically create the link again! For the matter of fact if I create a RTF or markdown file anywhere within the database and type “radial” it will automatically create a link; this doesn’t happen in my other databases. Any ideas what am I doing wrong?
By the way there is not a single tag in this database (no “radial”, no nothing).

Edit: I found out on the properties of the “falsely linked pdf” that he was named “radial” (just a single word). When I modified the name of the pdf, I stopped having the issue. But still, is it normal for a software that keeps thousands of documents to arbitrary making such links without any prompt? (eg pressing [[ or # or something like this?)

This is a WikiLink. The latest update introduced them in the Inspector.

To stop the automatic creation disable Names and aliases in Preferences > WikiLinks


Thank you very much! this must be it I guess. :slight_smile:

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