I know it has been discussed already in the past, but just wanted to add to the request list an android app… I really hope that you are planning to release one in the future.

Sorry, but there are no current plans to support any non-apple operating system.

Apple is slowly dying because of quality problems in software and focusing on the wrong things. Think of how Scully dumped apple once. Cook is doing the sam thing now. It is time to prepare for an alternative.

Android is catching up quickly, related to mobile OS. Maybe MacOS will last a little bit longer, but iOS will be marginalised soon.

Time to leave to new shores, till the ship sinks.

Focusing now on the rotten apple is a risk for further business. Time to rethink strategies.

People have been prophesying Apple’s demise for 20 years. While some of the decisions Apple has made recently don’t square with what I like, I strongly disagree.

I also think Android (and the Google / Windows world) is horribly flawed (in many ways). I have a PC and and Android device, both of which I only begrudgingly use for some of my testing. (And yes, I have many, many years of Windows experience behind my support for Apple.)

But to each his own. Cheers!

Personally, I’m not terribly keen on companies spreading themselves across operating systems, because things tend to go wrong. Only a few really do it well, and they are either really large (Microsoft) with the resources to pull it off, or really focused (Dropbox) on a few key services they do really well. If DT wants to tie up somehow with someone else doing a Microsoft app, that sounds great to me, but I don’t went them to dump resources into the effort themselves.

As for Apple, I am not terribly good at prognostications, but judging by market share, profits, and resources (one of the top ten largest in the world), I’d say it is doing pretty well. If past performance is any indication of future success, I’d say that we can bet on them sticking around a few more days.

As an Apple user, there are plenty of things that really get on my nerves, and there are plenty of days when I consider switching to something else. But, I also have a couple of Windows computers, and I am well-versed in the terrible design decisions that Microsoft has made as well, so I am not sure it would actually be better for my use case. And, I am guessing that is why people keep spending money on Apple products: whatever their complaints (cost, UI, innovation, etc.), the stuff works really smoothly together.

I am using DTPO (Mac), DA (Mac), and DTTG (iPad and iPhone) nearly 24/7, and I am guessing that a lot of the enjoyment I get out of them is thanks (at least in part) to the top-notch operating systems and hardware I am using. I hope that the folks at DT will carry on with the great work they are doing.

DEVONthink is one of half a dozen applications that are exclusive to macOS & iOS. I’m otherwise perfectly capable of working on any number of platforms and devices; but I sure wouldn’t go out and buy an Android phone and then ask everyone around me to accommodate that purchase.

People have been whipped into a frenzy numerous times over the years about OmniGroup not having a web application for OmniFocus, or even an Android, Windows, Whatever application.

The notion that iOS is being marginalized is completely absurd.

macOS is a dependency for iOS and while I personally think we’re months away from macOS on ARM, you should remember what Steve Jobs said about the iPhone and his roadmap for a post-PC world. Cling to legacies at your peril.

Not even parenthetical to the discussion but —

This made me choke on my soda. Dropbox has terminated more services than they’ve kept.

Their insistence that people want yet another way to edit text files with simple markup is their latest delusional dalliance. Sure, we’ve got iCloud, Google Drive/Docs, Office365 and dozens of other small players but what we really need is a way to allow both of our Dropbox Enterprise customers to edit a text file with simple markup? LOL?

sorry to cause a soda-choking fit :slight_smile:
everyone’s got their own versions of newtons and hockey-puck mice laying around.dropbox isn’t perfect. my point was that they seem to have somehow figured out a formula that allows them to compete successfully with some giant competitors in the cross-platform space, and their success is, in my opinion, due in large part to their focus on core competencies. it may also have something to do with the backend changes they made shifting away from aw3. at any rate, it certainly isn’t note taking, a side project well outside their core competency, and something i would equate with any devonthink attempt at androidification.