Animated gif weirdness with drag and drop

I’ve stored animated gifs in DTTG (v3) but there’s some strange conversion discrepancy when dragging/dropping.

For example I have an animated gif in Apple Photos as a starting point - stay with me:

  1. Drag the gif from photos to DTTG and the gif doesn’t animate in DTTG (but that may just be a preview limitation).
  2. Drag the gif from DTTG back to photos, the final copied gif animates, proving the image was intact after step 1.
  3. Drag the gif from photos to Tweetbot, the gif animates, proving Tweetbot accepts animated gifs being dropped.
  4. Drag the gif from DTTG to Tweetbot, the gif becomes static!

So animated gifs can be dragged from DTTG and animated gifs can be dropped to Tweetbot. But animated gifs cannot be dragged from DTTG to Tweetbot.


When you drag something from DEVONthink To Go it’s always the original file that is provided. Have you checked if it’s really a GIF that arrives in Tweetbot or, maybe, a PNG which would suggest an involuntary file type conversion?

TBH I think this is a definately a Tweetbot issue.

If I use the Yoink app I can see that (as you say) the correct file type and size is coming out of DTTG.

Tweetbot has two ways of loading images: drag and drop or pick from photos. I must have confused the 2 as only one of these routes (photo picker) seems to preserve animated gifs.


Great. Thank you for investigating and letting us know!

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