Annotate Read only PDF?

I haven’t used DT very much for annotating PDFs so I must be missing something here. I dragged a PDF file into my Inbox. It has been OCR’d and shows as PDF+Text. But I can’t annotate it. The tools are all grey and there is a small pencil with a line through it which I assume means “read only”.

How do I remove the read-only state so that I can annotate the file? It must be something simple but I can’t find it.


The simplest thing to do is to search the forum (or even just read the titles of the 20 last posts). There are now at least two posts every day with the same problem description, creating a lot of white noise. Searching before posting might be a sensible alternative.


I did search first. Sorry about that. I searched for Read-only PDF and only found old items.

Actually I did 3 searches. I looked through the DT documentation first. Then I did a search for read-only PDF. Then i scanned some of the articles that came up as I was typing my post.

One of the problems is that you assumed that I was looking for a problem – I wasn’t. I was looking for a feature.

Possible to put some sort of “sticky” notice at top of forum about this (until next version resolves)?

Sorting by „latest“ (the default is unfortunately by „relevance“) reveals the recent posts.


Are you looking at the Latest category when viewing the forums?