Annotation and Mark Up

Hi everyone,
I’d like to get started marking up and annotating my PDFs. But all the options (oval, rectangle etc) under Tools > Annotate, remain grey and unactivated. The same is true when I added the Mark Up icon to the Toolbar – it remains unactivated and un-openable [in grey font rather than black]. Is there something I’m doing wrong? thanks for thoughts!

You must have a PDF that is either unlocked or has permissions to modify the document.
Check Data > Mark > as Locked or open the file in Preview and check the Tools > Show Inspector > Encryption Inspector.

I’m having the same problem in DT3. Following Bluefrog’s instructions, Preview reads that I have full permissions. I’ve used OCR in DT. Alternatively, I optimized it using Adobe. Neither allows me to select the highlighting tool, for instance.

I’d like to use the highlight tool like a pen. I can highlight, however, but I must select and then use keystrokes.

Where did the PDF come from?

Also, there is currently no “highlight mode” in DEVONthink.

Okay, I see. When I select the text, the greyed out options appear, and then I can hit “highlight” or use keystrokes.

In future versions, I vote for a tool that can simultaneously select the text and highlight.

Thanks for the quick reply. I just upgraded and am trying to learn more about DT3 while concurrently trying to get some research done.

No problem.