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Second post - sorry, but I’d really like to get this working.

Is this working for others? When I try to use it in pb8 (whether by using the shortcut key or by clicking on Data>New with Template> Annotation), the annotation is created properly in the Annotations folder but it doesn’t pop up in its own window for editing. If I use the script from viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9434#p44150 that works as expected, but suffers from putting the cursor in the wrong place. The pb8 version was supposed to fix that.


I just tried this, and found that an annotation file was created in the annotation folder, but instead of popping up in a new window, it appeared tucked behind the image I was annotating (accessible as a tab at the top of the image). Not sure I’m explaining it well. Hopefully it’s evident in the screen capture.

This is great–my only hope is that this annotation can automatically open as this tab every time I open this picture. Oh Devon Gods – please?

Very cool.

coasts, oceans, climate — nantucket.jpg [620 x 465 pixel, 180 dpi, 95%].gif

Yes, I get that too (although it took me a while before I realized the tab was there). Unfortunately, I don’t think the annotation tab will open automatically when the annotated item does.

I am mystified as to why the pb8 annotation feature doesn’t do one good thing the pre-release feature did - i.e. open in a window with the cursor poised to begin annotating (albeit in the wrong field).

More critically, the new annotation has one terrible feature - it blows away the URL of the item being annotated and replaces it with a link to the annotation. The “old” way only placed the link in the URL field if that field was empty. Once the URL is gone, I don’t think it is saved anywhere. While I like the link to the annotation, it would be better if the original URL were somehow preserved (perhaps in a field in the annotation?). Not sure if this is a bug or a feature request, so I will post this in the bug forum.

This was a last minute change to make annotating less obstrusive. If there is enough demand we can make it open a new window again (see the attached new version).

This is just a bug. Please try this new version: (138 KB)

Speaking for myself, I certainly like the annotation becoming the frontmost window rather than a tab. As long as I’m asking for things, would it be difficult to position the cursor such that when the window pops up, one can immediately begin typing the annotation and have it typeover “type your note here” (in the same way that any word processor types over a highlighted phrase)?
Finally, I note that the original doc URL is now preserved (which I am in favor of - the annotation can easily be found be way of a lookup, since it duplicates the title of the item being annotated) but is also still copied into the spotlight comment field. That doesn’t cause any harm (at least in my workflow), but I am just pointing it out if that was an unintended artifact of the pb8 script.
Thanks for being quick with the fix.

One other thing that I just noticed, which I don’t regard as any big deal. When an annotation is created, the little icon appears to the right of the item title - this is terrific! But, if the annotation is deleted, the icon remains. Is there any way of deleting the icon, either programatically or manually? Again, this is minor - I would much rather have icons where the annotation has been deleted than not have the icon at all, especially since I don’t contemplate deleting many annotations, if any.

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