Annotation File Re-Location?

The fix to Annotation Files (in 3.01) so back links work with the web viewer is much appreciated.

Question - I find it easier and more logical for the annotation file to be in the same Group as the underlying file rather than in a separate Annotations group at the root of the database.

Is it possible to write a Smart Rule (perhaps with an associated script) which is triggered when a new Annotation File is created and relocates it to the Group containing the original file?

Sure. The annotation file doesn’t even have to be located in the same database. Neither the name nor its location matter.

Thanks - I know I can move the file manually. But in a Smart Rule how would I reference Group of the original document so I could move it there automatically?

There’s no built-in feature to do this. The only workaround would be to scan the annotation for the back link and use its URL to find the original record via AppleScript.