Annotation files & Finder Comments

On pages 116–117 of the DEVONthink 3.6 user manual PDF file, under the section titled Finder Comments that begins at the top left of page 117, it says:

When an annotation file is made, the original item link of the document will be stored here as the Original URL.

I’m trying to figure out what this means, because it does not appear to happen when I create an Annotation on an item. When I create an annotation using the Annotations down-arrow in the Annotations & Reminders inspector,

using, for example, the default annotation template, an annotation does get created in the Annotations box, but nothing appears in the Finder Comments box. I checked the annotation document itself, and the Finder Comments are empty there too. I tested this by trying to create an annotation on more than one PDF file and a markdown file, but never did anything get added to the Finder Comments.

I must misunderstand what the documentation means, or maybe I did something to break the functionality, but at this point I’m stumped. Can someone explain it to me?

This is an error on my part. That is from the old mechanism.
I will update the documentation for the next release.

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