Annotation not moved when moving Group of files

When I move (using Control-Command-M) a Group of files, the Annotation of each file is not moved. If I move just each file (or a selection of multiple files), the Annotation is moved correctly.

Is this the expected behaviour or is this a bug?

Thank you for the feedback! I’d call it a shortcoming as it’s working as expected/coded but in this case the behaviour could/should be improved :slight_smile: Did you move them to another database or within the same database?

I move it to another database. Hopefully this behaviour can be improved. When it is in the new database, the annotation is ‘lost’. You cannot see the annotation in the main file.

The annotation should actually still work as long as the original database is open and the annotation wasn’t deleted. Isn’t that the case?

No, that’s not the case.

The annotation file is still with the original database. Not deleted. But if you go info/inspector panel, annotation, it is empty. Somehow the link is broken.

In DTTG, info->annotation also is empty.

So, you “lost” your annotation of the main file. You can no longer view the annotation from the main file.

A screenshot of Preferences > General > General would be useful as I couldn’t reproduce this.

I am also not seeing this behavior in Ventura 13.4b.

Moving the original file to another database via the Move To popover moved the annotation file as well. This is true regardless if I’m using the Annotations group or not.

This is the requested screenshot:

I have setup a New Group which contains two files: New Markdown Text 1 and New Markdown Text 2 in Global Inbox database. On the right is a empty Test database.

If you just Move (using Control-Command-M) one file New Markdown Text 1 from Global Inbox to Test database, both the file and annotation are moved correctly. You can view the annotation in the main file from both DT and DTTG.

However, if you Move the group New Group which now only has 1 file New Markdown Text 2 from Global Inbox to Test database, as you can see from the screenshot, the group and file are moved but not the annotation. The annotation stay in Global Inbox database.

Within the main file New Markdown Text 2, you can still see the annotation from info/inspector panel in DT. This is my bad. Over in DT, despite it is not moved, you can still see the annotation within the main file.

However, you cannot see in DTTG. This is the problem I am facing.

See if you can reproduce the problem.

@cgrunenberg: I confirmed if moving a group with the original file, the annotation file isn’t moved in DEVONthink. However, it is still shown in the inspector, editable, and able to be revealed.

This is not dependent on using the Move To popover. Dragging the group, not just the document leaves the annotation file behind.

And adding @eboehnisch for this part: In DEVONthink To Go the Annotation file isn’t listed in the Info pane after this process.

Thank you for investigating. Please open an issue for this.

Issue filed.

The next release will fix this.

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