Annotation note icon?

Just checking if it’s just me, or has something changed that I missed?

When a Data/New From Template/Annotation was created, I’m pretty sure that the original ‘source’ document used to have a little icon that would appear alongside it – similar to the “Indexed file” ‘swoosh’, to visually indicate that the file in question had a related RTF-annotation associated with it?

I found these very useful in being able to scan in the 3-pane view, and quickly find files with annotations.

This no longer appears to be the case. Has this been deliberately changed?
Assuming that to be the case, any way to bring the behaviour back?

This is actually planned for a future release :slight_smile:

Christian - thanks - but wasn’t it already there? Am I losing my marbles, or did there used to be an icon, different to the ‘indexed’ one, that showed a file had an annotation attached?

No, there’s only an icon for items having a comment.

Ah - thanks, I see now where I was confused.

Is it this one, as below?

Comment icon.jpg

I now realise that most of my files that have annotation RTFs associated to them, had seen them being annotated over on iOS, which saw a “Original URL” comment pointing back to my iOS devices being placed in the Spotlight Comments section… So I had mistakenly assumed the Comment icon was related to the Annotations. 8)

Good to hear this will be rolled out in a future release - will be a great help!