Annotation Pane is greyed out (inactive)

The annotation pane @Frederiko created is still my favorite tool in Devonthink. I use it everyday. But, lately, it is getting greyed out on active pdf windows.

Image 2022-04-08 11-10-32

Restarting DT seems to fix it. But, it greys back after a couple of rounds again.

Has anyone any idea why is this happening?

Nope, but I’ve seen the script menu turning grey (i.e. blocked/greyed out) several times since some weeks (or months?). Always thought it’s probably my outdated hardware … Restarting DEVONthink indeed fixed it.

The Scripts menu is only disabled while other scripts (also those of smart rules) are performed.

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I don’t think I have any smart rule running. It would have come back if it was about smart rules.

My is permanently greyed out. Like @pete31 said, I think the problem might be with the older systems. I am still on MacOS 10.13. That might be the problem.

Does a certain template or script cause this?

Yes, clicking one of those scripts.

When I restart DT, menu becomes active. Then, once I click the Annotation Pane, it becomes greyed again.

Well, I think i find the cause. it looks like a hidden window of the Annotations pane is the cause. I hope that is the end of it.

A modal window can indeed block menu items too but usually it’s of course visible.

@Dellu Btw, are you using the Annotation Pane with DT3?

In Frederiko’s thread, it appears that the plugin wasn’t working anymore and nobody was able to adapt it. The download link is also offline.

In case you are in possession of a version of the script that works in DT3, would you perhaps be willing to share it?

No, it is not offline. His dropbox link still works: Dropbox - Annotation Pane - Simplify your life

Here is a modified version which I believe works with DT 3.

I didn’t try it right now because I have highly modified my version to fit my needs; don’t want to mess it up. You can follow @Frederiko’s guide and install it. I hope it works.

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