Annotation Smart Group

I researched the Annotation smart group I now see in my global inbox. Don’t recall seeing it before. I can’t seem to find anything in the manual on it. What is it’s purpose?

When you use the Annotation template, this Smart Group is automatically created. The Annotation document is created in the same group as the original document, but this Smart Group allows you to access all the Annotation documents in one place.

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where could I read about “annotation template”. I can’t find what you are referring to. thank you

I think this info is dated. In 2017 there was DEVONthink 2 …

This was a template of version 2 which isn’t part of version 3 anymore (as the Annotations & Reminders inspector handles this now). I would suggest to ignore all posts & threads older than 18 months as the information related to version 2 is quite often outdated or not relevant anymore.

You could add after:2019-09-12 to all queries in this forum. It’s the release date of DEVONthink 3.

Or include the beta phase if you like.