Annotation template files do not work for txt files but work for md files

From the help files . . .

you can create your own custom template in plain text, rich text, or Markdown formats. These files can be created externally and added to ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/Annotations.noindex or created in DEVONthink and exported via File > Export > as Template to the Annotations.noindex folder.

I did this. I made it a markdown file and export it as template into the annotation.noindex folder to create. But the problem is it does not lower me to select the template file if I am working with a TXT file. It is grayed out.

Does it work if you have any other file type shown in the view/edit pane?

I don’t know why but now it is working.

I guess just asking in this forum did the trick.

Glad to hear it.