Annotation template for DT3.0

In DT2 I use the annotation template script described in Quote and Highlight almost on a daily basis as I review technical publications. Some key features that help me are

  1. The ability to select in the PDF document within DT a block of text (word, line, paragraph) and export this to a structured annotation file.
  2. The quotation includes a page number, selected text, link back to the source page
  3. The option in the template to add my own annotation to the quotation e.g. essentially my own comments as to why this is important, context etc…
    I include a screenshot below as an example.

Now my question concerns DT3 with the new annotation functions which are included in the update. I’m a little confused how to transfer my existing experience here. For instance I don’t see a function yet to capture and transfer the selected text elements to the DT3 annotation file/field without moving back and forth between the two windows (PDF display and special annotation window on the right). Similarly I would need to copy the page link by hand etc…

Any recommendations from the community on how best to duplicate and adapt the procedure above to DT3 ?

The Annotations & Reminders Inspector can be shown in any document window.

Here I copied and pasted the text from the PDF, then copied and pasted the link. This automatically created an annotation file in an Annotations group at the root of the database.

As far as your specific capturing, modification to the third-party script you’re using may be needed.

That’s clear - thank you for following up. I’ll investigate modifying the script to make the capture of the information in the form of text (extracted from PDF), links (to the page containing the text) and my annotation notes (added by hand) more automatic.