Annotation Woes

I recently had to reinstall my OS and DT and today I clipped a web article as a RTF. If my memory serves me correctly, I was able to see both underlined and highlighted snippets in the annotation tab of the document section. However, I only see highlighted text, not underlined, plus I see a ton other bits of that were automatically generated, as well as every image in the document. If I delete these annotations, the text or image also gets deleted. Is there a setting for this or is this normal behavior? I would like to see only the parts that I underline or highlight and not get confused with the tons of other stuff, but if I delete it, the actual text or image is gone. Thoughts?

Underlined text isn’t shown by the Document > Annotations inspector in case of rich text.

That’s the expected behaviour in this case.

thanks for the info. but I think I remember that previously, underlines and highlighted text showed up in my annotation (is that only for PDF?)… I also dont remember images populating the annotations. Can I not delete them w/o deleting the image in the document?

In case of PDF documents annotations are separate & dedicated objects and not just attributes of text. Therefore annotations using underlining or strike through are also supported (but there might be e.g. underlined text in the document which is not annotated and therefore not shown in the inspector).