Annotations and Details

Totally confused by Annotations.

If I click on Reminders/Annotations in Inspector, and type in a note, and then click on Document/Annotations, the note does not appear. Also, there is no separate Annotation file – it isn’t in the root, nor anywhere else.

If I underline something in a pdf, it appears in the sidebar under Document/Annotations, but if I type something below in Details, the underlined material disappears and is replace by whatever I type in Details. None of this appears in the Annotation/Reminders panel.

Would like to have underlined material and notes/comments in separate Annotation file so I can print it out for other use.

Help appreciated.

The Document > Annotations is for markups in PDFs, rich texts, etc. It does not display annotation files.

Annotation files appear in an Annotations group at the root of the database by default. You can also change this by switching Preferences > General > General > Annotations to In same group.