Annotations disappear

Hi, I use the pen in DTTG and the circle on DTPO to mark transactions on a PDF. My problem is that when I convert a PDF from PDF to PDF+text the mark-ups disappear.

Occasionally I reimport an existing PDF+text into DTPO (say to change the name using Hazel) and again when doing so the mark-ups disappear.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Also is there a way to ensure when printing to PDF, the PDF created is PDF+text and not just a PDF?

Thank you all

OCR doesn’t retain annotations yet, this is a known shortcoming and a future release will improve this. Therefore it’s recommended to OCR the documents first and to annotate them afterwards.

How did you import the existing PDF+text documents? Importing via drag & drop or via File > Import > Files & Folders… shouldn’t modify files at all.

Do you mean that a graphic, say a dot or stroke, made with the pen tool in DTTG doesn’t get saved in OCR but will in a future release? I thought only words get saved in OCR?

It is these graphics that are disappearing.

The importation that creates a PDF without OCR is via the Print dialog | save PDF to DT. It would be great if that action created a PDF+text document instead.


That’s right. The OCR engine basically rebuilds the complete PDF document and annotations (notes, text, lines, ovals, rects etc.) aren’t retained yet.

A printed PDF document usually doesn’t require OCR as it’s already searchable (as long as you don’t print images/scans of course)

Thanks for clarifying on the OCR engine.

The Print | Save PDF to DTPro function on macOS will print any type of document, so yes it’s often non-PDFs being imported as a PDF in DT - and they do not have the text OCR’d.

so yes it’s often non-PDFs being imported as a PDF in DT - and they do not have the text OCR’d.
What kind of documents do you print? Usually the text is searchable, OCR is usually only required for images/scans.