Annotations in Finder who are readable for DT3 AND well synced via Dropbox, Google Drive & so

It is a question that is related to another of my posts but i think it is worth a standalone thread .

Do you know a good tool that can be used in Mac’s Finder,

  • who permits to annotate /comment Files and Folders
  • with the comments being synced in Dropbox and Google Drive (*not3 the Finders comments, as they are not synced, and not the Dropbox comments themselves , they only work with Dropbox Online and are limited to the Dropbox-World)
    -and who, of course, are indexed with DT3 if you index a folder .

I imagine that there could be a software who creates a sidecar-file to any file, with the text comment in it.

Example: I have a file called “thisismydocument.PDF”, and i rightclick on it , write a comment, and the software puts a sidecarfile called “thisismydocument.PDF.comment.txt” with the comment in it in the same folder?

I think i found:

39 €

But i am not sure whther the sidecar .json files are well synced in Dropboix, and if DT3 can read them when indexing the folder?

You could index such a document and have a look at the Concordance inspector to see all indexed words.

I don’t understand? You mean Index with DT3? But will DT3 index .json docs in a folder hidden by “.”?

Hidden files/folders are ignored.

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: So there is no way to do this with DT3 what i want to do?

Is there no way to include hidden files in Indexing?

Currently not.

And the abillity to include hidden files when indexing could lead to very undesirable results, in many cases.

Any reason they need to remain invisible in the Finder?

i don’t know why Tagspaces does this. if it could be possible to override, would be great. anyone has bought the pro version of tagspaces and can look if there is a menu point to not hide the json sidecar files? if it is possible i will buy tagspaces pro at once

I’m not familiar with Tagspaces, but years ago I created a hack to do the opposite of what you want to do, I wanted to hide the .plist files in a folder so that they would not be indexed into DEVONthink. I saw from another post here that you use Hazel, so you may want to play with what I created, modifying it to fit your needs. Probably goes without saying, but test on copies of your data to ensure nothing blows up!

There are some other tips on indexing documents in that thread, but note that It was discussing working with DEVONthink 2 and as such, doesn’t apply to indexed documents in DEVONthink 3.

Great idea, thank you. But i don’t know if Tagspace still works when the file is not hidden any more, but why not… I think i will buy tagspace and try.

I bought Tagspaces but i think i will malke play the money back garantee. The thing uses 190% of processor, is slow, everytime i swith from one “finder” item to other i have to wait.

I think the really best workflow for annotations could be DT3 IF DT3 could be configured to save automatically (!) the annotation file in an indexed dropbox folder, as a sidecar-file with the same name.

I haven’t read the entire thread, but you can extract annotations from a PDF into a side file with some mouse clicks. You only need to automate that via script and/or keyboard shortcut…

I think the really best workflow for annotations could be DT3 IF DT3 could be configured to save automatically (!) the annotation file in an indexed dropbox folder, as a sidecar-file with the same name.

Note you are describing something particular to your wants, not a general feature. (And no, adding preferences is not the best route to take as you end up with overloaded preference panes.)
This is the reason automation options have been added and extended in DEVONthink.

It could potentially be a smart rule (though the event trigger may need to be temporal, like Hourly) or a triggered script.

THank you, so i will have to go depper in the Script feature…

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Here is a simple smart rule…

This would move any Annotation files into an indexed Dropbox folder every hour.

Hi @BLUEFROG thank you very much, but i dond’t understand which is the Annotation folder to scan (why is it TMP in your example?) , and how to define the target folder, as there are multiple folders and subfolders?

I am working an a database named Temp.
The Annotations group is made by DEVONthink and houses any Annotation files you make.

If you have multiple destinations, you would need to create multiple (more complex smart rules) or use Execute Script actions in the smart rule.
My example is a proof-of-concept moving Annotation files from the Annotation group to an indexed group in Dropbox.

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