Annotations in Markdown Files

When making an annotation to a Markdown Note in either the Inspector’s Reminder and Annotation Tab, the Annotation appears in the Database’s Annotation folder as a copy of the note annotated and as the Note (Annotated); the Note shows the annotation icon. Good so far. If I delete the annotation text in Annotation Inspector or in the Note that appears in the Database’s Annotation folder as a result of creating the annotation, the annotated Note no longer has an annotation but retains its annotation icon. Deleting the annotated files in the Database’s Annotations removes the annotated files and the annotation icon. I could not find this covered in the manual either in the Markdown section of the Annotation section. I’d suggest that an item be added to the Markdown section saying that deletion of Markdown annotations should be accomplished by deleting the Note(s) in the Database’s Annotations folder.
However, there is the situation where changing the Annotation text in the Annotation Inspector’s data field becomes a problem. In this case deleting the file in the Database’s Annotation folder deletes the annotated files, but the annotation icon still remains associated with the annotated file as well as with the Database’s Annotation folder when folder is shown in the List pane of the Database’s folders. Rebuilding the Database fixes this.

When I wrote that Rebuilding the Database fixes the problem, it only does so for the Database’s Annotation folder. The file (in the file list) that was annotated still shows the annotation icon and the Annotation Inspector’s data field still shows the annotation. This would seem to indicate a link to the Database’s Annotation folder has been broken somehow. Fixing this aspect of the problem requires the annotated note to be deleted. This becomes more of a problem when the annotated note has links in it to previous and following notes that have to be deleted in the previous and following notes and re-established in the new note as well as in the previous and following notes. So for now, not using annotations in Markdown notes avoids these problems.

How are you deleting the Annotation file?

If I select the annotation in the Annotation Group and hit the Delete key that entry is deleted, but the text that forms that entry still exists in the Annotation field of the Reminders and Annotations pane of the Inspector and the annotations icon still appears in the Annotations Group folder and in the annotated file entry in the file list. If I then delete the text in the Annotation field of the Inspector’s R&A pane, the annotation icons still remain in the Annotations Group folder and in the file entry in the list. I have tried it the other way around, first deleting the text and then deleting the entry in the Annotations Group folder and the result is the same. Verifying and Repairing, Optimizing and Rebuilding the Database has no effect.

If you want to remove an Annotation file, choose Remove from the dropdown above the Annotations field in the inspector.

Thank you @bluefrog. I will do that in the future. For now, “remove” doesn’t appear in the Annotations drop down so it seems the only way to delete the attachments icon is to move the unaffected files out of the database, delete the database, and then create a new database with the moved files. Easy to do.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket and send me a screencast of the behavior you’re reporting. Thanks.

This turned out to be my error. Still getting used to the intricacies of this beautiful app. I didn’t open the Annotations Group (to save space in the app’s window) so I thought that by deleting the file itself and/or the annotation in the Inspector that this would delete the annotation. Now I know that the annotation file in the Annotations Group has to be deleted also. All good now.

Ahh… Glad you got that figured out as I wasn’t quite clear on what you were describing.